Our new Studio - located to the right of the new Clinic - 

 Term 2 Time table is underway please call the clinic for a update until get posted on the website.

Stretch and Abs Class

Libby is now offering a stretch class for all abilities. Classes are designed to identify muscular imbalances and realign them using a combination of stretching modalities. While also putting 15 minutes aside to strengthen those abdominal muscles

Libby will also teach you how to turn those foam rollers into a dynamic addition to your stretching routine. 

Libby - Stretch Class Instructor

These classes are welcome to all abilities and working within a non-competitive environment.


Classes now casual, $10 per class
Term 1 starting 21st January 2019

Email Libby Stretch to book or call 577 6716 clinic

>> More about Libby


Our new Studio means we can now offer more Pilates classes, and also it offers space to allow for new reformer machines.


  • Something to offer everyone whatever age or fitness level
  • Improve core strength - and improves posture
  • Improve stamina and co-ordination
  • Keeps body balanced using core postural muscles
  • Teaches breath awareness
  • Works the entire body inside out  



Email Kerry to book or call/text 021 362 248

Term 2 for 2019 will begin 29th April 2019 


Email Kirsty to book or call/text 021 539 271

This terms course dates for Kirsty
Term 2  will begin 30th April 2019


Courses run for 8-10 weeks during school terms (no classes in school holidays) with 4 people in a class.


Payment is required in advance. 


9-10am Beginners mat (Kerry)
12.30-1.30 Reformers (Kerry) 
5.20-6.20pm Pilates (Kirsty)
6.30-7.30pm Pilates (Kirsty)

12.30pm Beginners mat (Kerry)
5.20-6.20pm Pilates (Kirsty)
6.30-7.30pm Pilates (Kirsty)

12pm - 1pm Intermediate Reformers (Kerry)
1.10 - 2.10 Beginners Reformer (Kerry) 


Email Charlotte to book or call/text 021 294 0139

Term 2 for 2019 will begin 2nd May 2019


Charlotte's classes are aimed at beginner and experienced yogis and poses can be modified depending on your level and physical constraints.

Charlotte's goal is for you to leave class feeling better than when you came in - physically awakened and energised, emotionally and mentally calm and centred with a smile on your face! 




Classes are designed for beginner and advanced yogis alike.

Zoe teaches in a mixture of styles and can modify all classes to suit
individual needs. Classes utilise Pranayama (breath work) alongside Asana (postures) and often include some form of short meditation to leave you feeling balanced in the body, mind and soul. 

Public classes are $15 per hour. Pre-booking is an option
but not essential. 

Zoe also offers yoga therapy and private yoga

Yoga Therapy is a one on one session in which zoe will
teach  you yoga postures and techniques tailored specifically to your
needs. Yoga therapy is a way for you to learn how to manage your own ailments,
aches, pains or concerns through the healing practice of yoga. 

Yoga therapy is $60 for 1hr or $40 for 30mins. 

If you would like to learn the basics of yoga, focus more on
alignment, practice in a more private environment with a few friends or simply
deepen your own practice, private sessions are also available with Zoe. 

Yoga privates are $60 per hour for te first person and an
additional $10 per person thereafter (max 5ppl)

Email Zoe to Book or Call/ text 0276156843

Zoe holds 3 public yoga classes per week:

Wednesday 9am

Friday 9am and 17.30pm 

Contact Zoe to arrange a time for your Yoga therapy or private yoga class 

NIA Dance

NIA - Non Impact Aerobic

Have fun, detoxify, de-stress, become more agile, stronger, lose weight and far more….
Catering for 3 different levels within the hour, beginners, intermediate and advanced
Nia is a movement practice with a
difference. It is fun, low impact and highly energising, strengthening the heart and lungs and increasing personal power with skillfully designed steps and stances that are easy to follow. It is a joyful and conditioning experience, bursting boundaries of age, gender and culture.

 Nia continues to gain acclaim for delivering a fun, effective and transformational practice for all walks of life.

Wear comfortable clothes, bring a mat and dance barefoot.     

10:45am - 11:45am

New to NIA $39 (Intro Pass for 3 classes) * Must be new to NIA and classes and are to be taken within a 4 week period. 
Casual $15 per class
10 Classes* $110 Valid for 10 weeks from date of purchase
10 Classes* $130 Valid for 13 weeks from date of purchase

To find out more contact Corinne:
5781756 / 0273245757

Term 2 starting 30th April 2019

No NIA dance from 6th June -20th July 2019

Want to know more about our instructors?

Please see our About page.


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