Our new Studio - located to the right of the new Clinic - offers all the same classes plus a whole lot more.

Mens Stretch

Libby is now offering a stretch class just for men. Classes are designed to identify muscular imbalances and realign them using a combination of stretching modalities.

Libby will also teach you how to turn those foam rollers into a dynamic addition to your stretching routine. 

Libby - Stretch Class Instructor

These classes are welcome to all abilities and working within a non-competitive environment.


$10/class for 6 week course - $50 required up front 

Starting back classes 29th January 2018

Email Libby Stretch to book or call
577 6716 clinic

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Destress Meditation

Trilby facilitates Destress Meditation classes.

The regular practice of meditating and being mindful changes the brain. It’s a great way to reverse the stress response and improve overall health and emotional well-being. It helps to be in the present moment, which is where true power lies.

Destress Meditation helps calm the body and mind. And in a group setting, relaxation is enhanced and you get to have the 'me time' that can seem hard to find and commit to. Come join us and destress.

Mats are provided.
Wear comfortable clothes and bring a cushion, blanket and water, to ensure your comfort.

Fridays 5.30-6.30pm

$20 casuals | $150 for 10 sessions

Email Trilby to book or call/text 021 056 4300

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Personal Training


  • Detects imbalances in muscles & bone structure
  • Posture analysis with exercises to correct
  • General fitness and well being
  • Personal training not in a gym environment - client is able to train without having to belong to a gym

Libby offers personal training to help you be the best you can be.

Libby - Personal Trainer


1 hour$65
1/2 hour$40
1/2 hour muscle imbalance assessment initial consult$50
1/2 hour exercise rehab programme follow up$40


Wednesdays 8.00am -11.00am

Email Libby to book or call the clinic 


Our new Studio means we can now offer more Pilates classes, and also it offers space to allow for new reformer machines.


  • Something to offer everyone whatever age or fitness level
  • Improve core strength - and improves posture
  • Improve stamina and co-ordination
  • Keeps body balanced using core postural muscles
  • Teaches breath awareness
  • Works the entire body inside out  



Email Kerry to book or call/text 021 362 248


Email Kirsty to book or call/text 021 539 271

Starting classes back 30th January 2018


Courses run for 8-10 weeks during school terms (no classes in school holidays) with 4 people in a class.


Payment is required in advance. 

Starting Back 16th January 2018. 


9-10am Beginners mat (Kerry)
12.30-1.30pm Reformers (Kerry)
5.20-6.20pm Pilates (Kirsty)
6.30-7.30pm Pilates (Kirsty)

11-12am Intermediate mat (Kerry)
12.30-1.30pm Reformers (Kerry)
5.20-6.20pm Pilates (Kirsty)
6.30-7.30pm Pilates (Kirsty)

9-10am Intermediate mat (Kerry)
12.30-1.30pm Reformers (Kerry)


The benefits of yoga are many and we are thrilled to offer classes with three wonderful instructors.


Tarsh describes her style as a mix between dynamic and yin. 

She likes to build strength and heat while stretching the body during the first portion of the class, and ease into slower movements and deep release stretched towards the end. 

A challenging class that would suit all levels as modifications are offered with any position. 


Starting back 29th January 2018 
5.15-6.15pm Mondays in the Studio
$10/class for a 6 week block course - $60 required up front

Email Tarsh to book or text/call 021 780 081

Email Charlotte to book or call/text 021 294 0139


Charlotte's classes are aimed at beginner and experienced yogis and poses can be modified depending on your level and physical constraints.

Charlotte's goal is for you to leave class feeling better than when you came in - physically awakened and energised, emotionally and mentally calm and centred with a smile on your face! 


Starting back January 25th January 2018


In 2015, Nancy decided to pursue her dream of being a yoga teacher and trained in Singapore at Iha Yoga (now known as The Yoga Mandala), a registered yoga school certified by the Yoga Alliance. 

She has recently relocated home to Blenheim and is continuing to teach here.  Her class is designed for beginners, including those with absolutely no yoga experience, but all level students are welcome. 


Classes as normal 29th 2017 & 5th January 2018
$100 for 10 classes or drop in for $15/class

Email Nancy to book or call/text 027 563 9218 

Want to know more about our instructors?

Please see our About page.


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