Body Restore Clinic in Blenheim, Marlborough is an integrated-therapies clinic focused on getting our clients to wellness. We do this through offering a range of treatments, therapies and classes.

Our Team

Our professionally-trained team offers sports massage, deep tissue massage, relaxation massage & pregnancy massage, pilates, Yoga, lymphatic massage, infrared sauna treatments 

Kate Harper

Clinic Owner, Massage Therapist, Pilates & Dry Needling

Kate opened her first massage business in 1998 in Cambridge, New Zealand while part of the New Zealand Rowing Team bidding for a spot at the Sydney Olympic Games (2000). 

Kate was a NZ rowing rep from 1992-2000 and also, while rowing training, she completed her Diploma in Sports studies. It was during this demanding training that Kate decided that Body & Massage was for her.  So in 1997 she studied for her Diploma in Therapeutic Massage at the College of Natural Medicine. 

She then was selected for the medical team for NZ Olympics in Athens 2004. Kate continued to travel onto many world Rowing Championships and has worked with other sports team helping athletes achieve their dreams & goals. Kate has since taken up multisport events such as the Coast to Coast and the Southern Traverse, and this has widened her understanding of the way our body operates. 

Kate moved to Blenheim in 2005 for lifestyle choices and to start her own family. Being able to achieve the best results for her clients from all walks of life is what gives Kate the biggest buzz. She has continued to learn more to integrate other therapies into her clinic by completing her Pilates training, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage in 2013/2014, and by gathering a like minded group of people around her to offer a range of therapies to their clients. 

She loves her family, finds time to garden, enjoys the outdoors and gets her creative kick from photography and upcycling furniture.

>> Email Kate or call 03 5776716

Anna Poff

Manual Lymphatic Massage therapist

Anna is our resident Manual Lymphatic Massage Therapist having trained in both Level 1 and 2 in Christchurch. She joined the team in 2014 and loves working with the Body Restore team and especially enjoys making a difference to her clients' wellbeing. 

Anna is a trained nurse where she spent 12 years working in the health sector both in NZ and aboard. Anna also can offer you a personal compression stocking fittings for swollen legs. 

She moved to Marlborough with her husband in 2004 and enjoys all this beautiful region has to offer with her husband and 2 children.

>> Anna or call 03 5776715

Libby Cooper

Stretch & Abs Instructor & Massage Therapist

Introducing Olivia Cooper (but everyone calls her Libby.) Libby has a great depth of knowledge in Sport and Exercise Science because that is what she has studied and also because she has played sport and competed at high levels. She also has experience in corrective exercise. Adding to these amazing talents she is also trained in massage .

She has worked as a personal trainer and her favourite part of working in this field is helping people achieve their fitness goals as well as identifying muscle imbalances and working alongside them to correct these.

>> Email Libby or call 03 5776716

Trilby Johnson

Massage, Reiki & Hot Stone Therapist

Trilby is absolutely fascinated by bodies and passionate about what the human body can do! By how much we have exactly what we need and how incredibly powerful our body is. And yet so many people don’t live that reality. 

It’s possible to enjoy a happy healthy really vibrant trust in our bodies and Trilby sees her role as supporting others to access this hidden wisdom. 

With a deep understanding of the integrative process of holistic well-being, Trilby has a Honours degree in Psychology and is a Reiki Master/Teacher. Her quest for knowledge also includes Neurolinguistic Programming, Meta-Coaching, Holistic Massage and Advance Energy Bodywork. 

Born in South Africa, Trilby moved from Switzerland to New Zealand in 2008 where her first job was in Hanmer Springs – massaging and giving body treatments and hot stones. 

In addition to supporting people's well-being, Trilby loves writing, teaching, travelling, enjoying time with friends and loved ones, spending time in Nature and gardening, and spoiling her cat. 

>> Email Trilby or call 03 5776716

Zoe Rose

Massage Therapist, Yoga & Yoga therapy instructor

I grew up in North Yorkshire, England. 

I have always been passionate about exercise and movement. I
was a competitive gymnast and gained my first coaching qualification at the age
of 14, from then on I developed an interest in the human body, its functions
and capabilities. Later this developed into an interest in the functioning of
the Mind and I studied a bachelors degree in Psychology and criminology,
graduating with 1st class honours in 2015. 

I always knew i wanted a career in which I could help
others. Shortly after completing my degree I decided to take a more holistic
approach to understanding and caring for people and decided to take a course in
holistic massage at a school in Central London. I fell in love with body work
and studied several massage modalities including deep tissue, hot and cold
stone therapy, remedial massage and i even completed 10 weeks of training in
traditional thai massage in Northern thailand. 

To contact Zoe Call 577 6716 or 0276156843
Email zoerose22@gmail.com

I have had a dedicated yoga practice for 4 years and in 2017

I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training course in the Himalayas, India. I
teach vinyasa flow, Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. I also love to teach 'yoga
therapy' classes that i custom design to the client and their needs. 

I am a natural nurturer who is fascinated by movement. I am
passionate about empowering people to take better care of themselves and each other.  I love music, travel, gardening and being outdoors. 

Dennis Wells


Dennis Wells is a registered Osteopath with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand.  He loves what he does, being part of his client’s wellness journey and sharing his knowledge to empower his clients to better health is important to him and he finds it hugely satisfying.  

Dennis has been practicing Osteopathy for over 10 years and he says he thrives on what he does. He is focused on natural pain relief and improving function for anyone from the age of five years right through to seniors. 

Email Dennis or call 03 5776716
To Book an appointment online with Dennis, Please visit his website https://blenheimosteopathiccli...

Charlotte Patterson

Yoga Instructor

Charlotte Patterson has been practising yoga for 15 years and teaching for 6. She trained at the Byron Bay Yoga Centre in Purna Yoga which combines the physical yoga poses with breathwork and meditation. 

Charlotte's classes are aimed at beginner and experienced yogis and poses can be modified depending on your level and physical constraints.  

Charlotte's goal is for you to leave class feeling better than when you came in - physically awakened and energised, emotionally and mentally calm and centred with a smile on your face! 

>> Email Charlotte or call/text 021 294 0139

Kerry Paynter

Pilates Instructor

Kerry hails from the UK where she did the start of her yoga training and her Honours degree in Physical Recreation. On moving here in 2006, she completed pilates training to the advanced level in 2009.

You could say she is passionate about yoga and pilates, is an understatement, she loves the difference these disciplines make in her clients lives. The most obvious change is in their strength, their flexibility and how they have become more bodily aware. 

One client who takes part in iron man competitions has noticed that his back no longer aches when on his bike, and more sedentary clients love the fact they can move and feel better and they bring this into their every day lives. 

When Kerry is not making people feel better she enjoys spending time out of doors with her 3 mad dogs.

>> Email Kerry or call/text 021 362 248

Kirsty Chalmers

Pilates Instructor

Kirsty started practising Pilates in 2004 in Auckland and you could say she caught the Pilates bug good and proper. She took the plunge into teaching and qualified through Polestar Pilates in 2013. 

She now teaches small groups and private classes with us at our clinic. What she loves most is helping people to reconnect with their bodies and how they start to change and improve the way they move in everyday life - with the biggest buzz being when clients tell her about the benefits they feel in themselves from practising Pilates!

>> Email Kirsty or call/text 021 539 271

Victoria Jenkins

Kids Yoga Instructor

Victoria has spent over 20 years as a primary school teacher
and dedicated yoga student. During this time, yoga became an important tool in
her classroom for calming and relaxing students while bringing strength and
balance to their bodies. 

She specialises in brain development and presents classes
and courses about the neural changes happening for babies, children and
adolescents. Victoria also provides support for mothers, families and children
in regards to wellness, emotional support, sleep and learning, through the
application of essential oils.

In her spare time Victoria enjoys being active with her husband and two daughters, with a passion for for snow, water and boardriding. 

Please contact Victoria if you'd like your child to attend Kids Yoga in the 5-7 or 8+ years category, or if interested in using essential oils as part of your wellness programme. 

>> Email Victoria or call / text 021918836

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