Types of massage

- Deep tissue / Remedial 
- Sports Massage 
- Relaxation Massage
- Lymphatic Massage
- Pregnancy Massage 
- Indian Head Massage  
- Chair Massage


High temperature, fever or inflammation
Open wounds
Blood clots or DVT
Infectious skin disorders
For other chronic conditions or diseases, seek medical clearance before receiving treatment.


Deep Tissue & Relaxation Massage

Relief for stress & anxiety
Enhances recovery of tired & injured muscles
Eases cramp
Improves circulation
Improves mobility
Releases toxins
Relieves headaches migraines

Pregnancy massage

Able to lie prone - with a specially designed cushion to accommodate your belly
Relieves sore, tired joints & muscles

Chair Massage 

A perfect alternative if you have trouble lying down 
Massage can be done over clothes 

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is based on the ancient Indian Ayurvedic healing system.
The head, neck and shoulders are important energy centres within your body, if you are stressed or anxious, tension tends to accumulate.

Indian Head Massage involves working with a strong, but gentle rhythm helping to unknot blockages and release tension on the physical and emotional level, calming the spirit, promoting relaxation and relieving stress. Please book with Lucy Wheaton for this treatment.

Kate Harper - Clinic Owner & therapist

Kate Harper at this stage is no longer taking on new clients.
Please keep this in mind when making your booking.
However we have other wonderful Massage therapists that you can book in with.
Thankyou for your understanding 


- Deep Tissue / Remedial Massage 

- Sports Massage 

- Relaxation Massage 

- Pregnancy Massage 

- Dry Needle therapy 

- Cupping 

- Sports & Injury taping 


1/2 hour massage $60

1 Hour massage $120 

1 1/2 hour massage $170 

2 Hour massage $210

Inversion table $10 ( Free with massage) 

Dry needle therapy ( Free with massage) 

Lucy Wheaton - Massage Therapist


- Relaxation Massage

- Pregnancy Massage

- Indian Head Massage 

-Lymphatic Massage

-Pure Fiji spa Treatments


1/2 hour $60

1 hour $105

11/2 Hour $150

2 hour $180
Spa prices are under Pure Fiji

Loren Patchett - Massage Therapist


- Relaxation Massage

- Deep Tissue Massage

- Pregnancy Massage

-Pure Fiji Spa Treatments


1/2 Hour $60

1 Hour $105

11/2 Hour $150

2 Hour $180

Spa Prices are under Pure Fiji


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