Our Studio - located to the right of the Clinic - 

Mat & Reformer Pilates

Welcome to our Studio. This means we can offer more Pilates classes, and also it offers space to allow for new reformer machines.


  • Something to offer everyone whatever age or fitness level
  • Improve core strength - and improves posture
  • Improve stamina and co-ordination
  • Keeps body balanced using core postural muscles
  • Teaches breath awareness
  • Works the entire body inside out  


Kerry Paynter

Email Kerry to book or call/text

 021 362 248

Kirsty Chalmers

Email Kirsty to book or call/text

 021 539 271


Email Charlotte to book or call/text 021 294 0139

Charlotte Patterson

Charlotte's classes are aimed at beginner and experienced yogis and poses can be modified depending on your level and physical constraints.

Charlotte's goal is for you to leave class feeling better than when you came in - physically awakened and energised, emotionally and mentally calm and centered with a smile on your face! 


Yoga 4-5pm

Yoga 9am - 10am 

Yoga 5.30-6.30pm then Restorative Yoga at 6.45 to 7.30pm

Email James to book or call/text 022 344 6992

James Wvinner

James offers private 70-minute Yoga Therapy Massage sessions, which involve an integrated practise including gentle yoga, deep tissue massage, breath work and meditation to help increase longevity, release poor movement patterns and improve mood. $120/70-minute session

You can also book private yoga sessions with James, who is a certified yoga instructor of 500+ hours. These one-on-one sessions are ideal for beginners who want to build their confidence for group classes, experienced people who want to improve elements of their practise, or for people who usually practise on-line and would benefit from some hands-on adjustments. $120/70-minute lesson

Email Carmena to book or call/text 022 431 3433

Carmena Su

Carmena offers nutrition coaching and functional strength training to help people of all ages and stages achieve their health and wellness goals. Whether you are suffering from lower back or shoulder pain, feeling weak in your core or simply want to optimise your athleticism, Carmena will create a programme specifically for you.

Carmena's progressive approach to rebuilding foundational strength patterns involves getting all the muscles working together as they should be to help build mobility, reduce stiffness and increase strength - all without a gym membership. And her no-diet approach to weight management will help you see results safely, sanely and sustainably. 

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